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Maderas.  Ciencia y tecnología

oncepción, 27/12/18


Maderas. Ciencia y tecnología 21(3):2019
Printed coming  up… July  2019

Characterization of pacific silver fir impregnated with extractives from western redcedar (PDF)
Rod Stirling, Stacey Kus

Clarissa Gusmão Figueiró, Benedito Rocha Vital, Angélica de Cássia Oliveira Carneiro, Carlos Miguel Simões da Silva, Mateus Alves Magalhães, Lucas de Freitas Fialho

Maderas. Ciencia y tecnología 21(2):2019
Printed coming  up… April  2019

Dynamic and static mechanical properties of eucalyptus nitens thermally modified in an open and closed reactor system (PDF)
Maximilian Wentzel, Christian Brischke, Holger Militz

Sachin Gupta, C.P. Singh, V.S. Kishan-Kumar, Shikhar Shukla
Babar Hassan, Sohail Ahmed, Nasir Mehmood, Mark E Mankowski, Muhammad Misbah-ul-Haq
Timber grading of Pinus uncinata, a lesser known pine species from the pyrenean mountain range (PDF)
Agnès Burgers, Cédric Montero, Jordi Gené Sera, Marcel Vilches Casals, Eduard Correal Modol, Patrick Langbour, Bernard Thibaut
Characterization of thermally modified short and long rotation teaks and the effects on coatings performance (PDF)
Lisa Adina Pratiwi, Wayan Darmawan, Trisna Priadi, Béatrice George, André Merlin, Christine Gérardin, Stéphane Dumarçay, Philippe Gérardin
Biological resistance of heat-treated wood of Pinus caribaea and Eucalyptus saligna (PDF)
José Otávio Brito, Ananias Francisco Dias Júnior, Artur Queiroz Lana, Carlos Rogério Andrade, Francisco Fernandes Bernardes
Assessing the natural durability of different tropical timbers in soil-bed tests (PDF)
Serafín Colín-Urieta, Artemio Carrillo-Parra, José Guadalupe Rutiaga-Quiñones, Pablo López-Albarran, Rosalio Gabriel Parra, José Javier Corral-Rivas
Scaling and modeling the creep of Eucalyptus globulus (PDF)
Duarte Barroso Lopes, João Emílio Matos

Maderas. Ciencia y tecnología 21(1):2019
Printed coming  up… January  2019

Evaluation of the strength, sorption and thermal properties of bamboo plastic composites (PDF)
Olufemi O. Adefisan, Armando G. McDonald

Study on compressive stress relaxation behavior of beech based on the finite element method (PDF)
Wen Gang Hu, Hui Yuan Guan

Investigation of some surface properties and thermogravimetric analysis of veneer sheets treated with fire retardants (PDF)
Aydin Demir, Ismail Aydin

Relationship between the dynamic and static modulus of elasticity in standing trees and sawn lumbers of Paulownia fortune planted in Iran (PDF)
Mehrab Madhoushi, Zinat Boskabadi

Application of paints to decrease air permeability of oriented strand boards (PDF)
Matěj Hodoušek, Martin Böhm, Anna Součková, Miguel Esteban Herrero, Eliška Oberhofnerová

An experimental and numerical study of moisture transport and moisture-induced strain in fast-grown sitka spruce (PDF)
Conan O’Ceallaigh, Karol Sikora, Daniel McPolin, Annette M. Harte

Effect of adhesive quantity on selected physico-mechanical properties of bamboo glulam (PDF)
Olukayode Yekin Ogunsanwo, Adewunmi Omobolaji Adenaiya, Christianah Aderonke Adedeji

Specific gas permeability of normal and nanosilver-impregnated solid wood species as influenced by heat-treatment (PDF)
Hamid R. Taghiyari, Stavros Avramidis

Effects of saturated vapor pre-steaming on drying strain in asian white birch: Experimentation and modelling (PDF)
Zongying Fu, Stavros Avramidis, Jingyao Zhao, Yingchun Cai, Yongdong Zhou

Stability of planed and precision planed solid wood surfaces due to wetting (PDF)
Zsolt Molnár, Endre Magoss, Ingrid Fuchs, Sándor Tatai

Effectiveness of Copper chrome arsenate and used engine oil in protecting fencing posts of Ugandan grown eucalypt clone GC550 and Phoenix reclinata against termite attack (PDF)
P. Mugabi, E. Otuko